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In the modern era of freelancing and small businesses, conventional offices have gradually made way for new contemporary working spaces where creativity and networking are stimulated. Our co-working spaces are the new way to develop these skills while achieving your entrepreneurial goals and moving your business forward. Our dedicated open-plan workspaces and state of the art meeting rooms are fully equipped with all the amenities needed for your working needs while simultaneously being able to relax or meet casually over a good coffee with colleagues, partners or clients.

Everything is tailor-made to meet your needs.

At The FinTech Campus, our priority is to meet the needs of your business and the transitory nature of your workforce. We can provide the perfect blend of flexibility, affordability, open areas and private spaces that are optimised for creative engagement and networking.

The Benefits

Benefits of Co-working at the FinTech Campus.

    • Having a business address in a professional sought after business premises.
    • Having access to professional meeting rooms and business infrastructure.
    • Business-grade wifi.
    • tea and coffee facilities, on-site Bistro and Slow Lounge.
    • access to shared services such as our professional receptionists and IT support.

Enquire Below

087 012 5461

064 516 9788

8am – 5pm

Cnr. Lynwood and Botterklapper Street,
The Willows 340-Jr, Pretoria, 0081