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Virtual Offices

House your business virtually at The FinTech Campus. This is perfect for startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. This provides the benefits of being able to present a professional image to clients, from our well established and professionally staffed business premises, without any of the expensive overheads associated with maintaining an office.

Convenience while you move on up.

Having a virtual office at The FinTech Campus will allow you to make a professional impression on your business associates and clients while saving you money.  

This reimagined way of working will eliminate the inconvenience of travelling, being tied to a desk as well as the overheads that come with leasing office
space and paying for the human resources associated with the services provided by our professional reception team.

Virtual office

What you can expect when you rent a virtual office at the FinTech Campus.

    • professional handling of your calls by our staff.
    • a dedicated phone number for your business.
    • use of our business address.
    • messages passed onto you via email.

Enquire Below

087 012 5461

064 516 9788

8am – 5pm

Cnr. Lynwood and Botterklapper Street,
The Willows 340-Jr, Pretoria, 0081